Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jaibreak and unlock iOS 7 for any Iphone for FREE

You want your iPhone 3GS, 4S or iPhone 5 unlocked for all network carriers? Every iPhone should be free to use for any carrier. By far, the best program which exists for jailbreaking and unlocking any iPhone is called "iPhone Unlock Crack". Very easy to use and finishes the job perfectly. And the best of all, is FREE. No codes needed, no payment needed. Just connect your phone to your computer and start the program. Just follow few instructions on this page and the job will be finished in no time... So, here is what this program do:
  • Jailbreak your iPhone
  • Install SSH
  • Install Cydia
  • Unlock your phone
This version of "iPhone unlock crack" installs the software version 6.1.4 to the new iPhone 5 and 6.1.3 to all other iPhones. It founds the IMEI on the phone automatically, so you won't be needed to insert it anywhere. So, here are the steps you should follow to jaibreak and unlock your iPhone:
  1. Connect your iPhone
  2. Download "iPhone Unlock Crack"
  3. Run the Program
  4. When the program window opens, select your type of phone
  5. Then, check all the boxes on the right
  6. Finally, click Connect
  7. When the installation is finished, reboot your iPhone
  8. Insert any SIM card from any carrier 
The procedure with the program is very easy, if you follow the instructions. Once you start, you must wait for the program to finish. Below you have the download links. Just choose your Operative system.
Links for Windows :  
Link for Mac:

Note: This is BETA version. If you receive any type of error message, that means that somehow your phone and/or carrier does not parse with our unlock system. Please wait until new version is released, than you can try again. Thank you for the understating...